Attuned to the mission statement of the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation (ASOLC), the educational goal of La Consolacion College-Caloocan is to help the Community of Friends acquire and develop knowledge, skills, virtues and habits of heart and mind reflective of the message revealed by God and proclaimed by the Church.

La Consolacion College of Caloocan aims to form an Augustinian Christian Filipino whose commitment to faith and country leads to a holistic life equipped with Passion for Christ and Compassion for Humanity as manifested through love of, concern for and service to others, especially to the least of God’s people.


After the completion of the elementary/secondary course (JHS/SHS) at La Consolacion College-Caloocan, an LCCian is expected to:

Elementary Course

  1. Experience God’s love by responding to the needs of others;
  2. Apply the acquired knowledge, skills and attitude prerequisite to Secondary education;
  3. Manifest the value of work in preparation for more meaningful adolescent life;
  4. Help protect, conserve and preserve the environment;
  5. Develop a deep sense of social-consciousness and love of country.

Secondary Course

  1. Radiate love of God as he/she relates harmoniously with his/her fellow human beings;
  2. Utilize his/her acquired knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to meet the demands of their age and times;
  3. Demonstrate social awareness and concern in responding to the needs of the Church especially the poor;
  4. Take pride in being a Filipino by preserving and promoting positive values and traditions.