A. For New Applicants and Transferees (BED-College)

The applicant has to submit to the office of the Guidance the following before she is scheduled to take the entrance test.

1.         Photocopy Copy of Birth (PSA) and Baptismal Certificates

2          Photocopy of Form 138 (Report Card )

3.         Certificate of Good Moral Character

4.         Medical Certificate

5.         Chest X-ray result (for college only)

6.         Two (2) ID pictures (“1 1/2”  x 1 1/2”)

7.         Alien Certificate of Registration (for foreign applicants)

B.  For Transferees (College)

1. Honorable Dismissal

2. Official Transcript of Records or Certificate of subjects with corresponding grades and units earned

3. Certification of good moral character duly signed by school official

4. Recent (2) ID pictures (“1 ½” x 1 ½ “)

5. Xerox copy of Birth (PSA copy) and Baptismal certificates

6. Medical Certificate and Chest X-ray Result

7. Marriage Certificate for married applicants (both male and female)