The Education program (BEEd and BSEd) is designed to prepare professional teachers for practice in primary and secondary schools in the Philippines. It feature various components that correspond to the basic and specialized knowledge and skills that will be needed by a practicing professional teacher: foundational general education knowledge and skills, theoretical knowledge about teaching and learning, methodological skills, experiential knowledge and skills, and professional and ethical values, and subject matter knowledge appropriate to the level of teaching (i.e. pre-school, primary or secondary).

The program likewise recognizes the need to equip teachers with a wide range of theoretical and methodological skills that will allow options and greater flexibility in designing and implementing learning environments that will maximize their students’ learning, once they are in the teaching service.

Furthermore, the Education curriculum is also designed so that the curricular components are integrated. That is, the curriculum emphasizes the interweaving of foundational, theoretical, methodological, and experiential knowledge in the various learning experiences in the educative process.


The Education Program of LCC-C aims to produce graduates whose professional competencies and ethics, social awareness, values, involvement and keen sense of Filipino culture are applied to the development of Christian nationalist society and democratic education in both formal and non-formal sectors.

  • The Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) is structured to meet the needs of professional teachers for elementary school, and the Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) for the needs of professional teachers for secondary schools in the Philippines.
  • The BEEd aims to develop elementary school teachers that are generalists, who can teach across the different learning areas in grade school or preschool.
  • The BSEd aims to develop high school teachers who can teach in one of the different learning areas in high schools like Mathematics, Filipino, Computer and Values Education.


After completion of the program the graduates can pursue a career and enjoy the following job opportunities:

  • Teacher in elementary and secondary schools
  • Trainor in public and private organizations
  • Resource Speaker
  • Lecturer
  • Researcher
  • Educational Consultant
  • Administrative Assistant